Az Evidence webáruház cookikat használ, ha elfogadod, a további részleteket megtalálod az adatvédelmi nyilatkozatban, ha nem, kérünk, kattints a beállitások gombra. 

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If you would like to be our wholesale partner please register on the link below. 

After your registration your application will be evaluated and we will send you an e-mail within 24 hours. 

Please register here (for wholesale partners only): (it will open a new window, or tab in your browser)

Evidence customers are demanding parents whose number is constantly growing due to our consistent supply of high quality standards . As the parents want best quality products for their Children we make this our habit to come out with high standard quality goods always with  each and every product. Our own Licenses for DISNEY/MARVEL/LOL assures that styles and products offered are always genuine licensed products approved by Licensor. Our garments are developed keeping in mind the needs of Children of growing age with our designers making  a lot of research before developing products. Last but not least all of our Original Licensed products are available not only for a small trending period but we offer a product portfolio which is always available for a longer period of time.
What is the advantage of being an Evidence reseller?
Is it worth selling Evidence clothes?
YES Our resellers can expect significant profits after sales - as mentioned above, quality and good price are not incompatible concepts for us. Moreover, we give 100% guarantee for our self-made garments.

Variety of Evidence

Autumn-winter and spring-summer collections come with lots of new patterns, so every customer can find the right product for them. 
Process for designing, production and logistics every season’s collection starts well in advance which is normally 8 months before the launch. This  gives us enough time to do research, take market opinion etc so that the end product is always right on dot from marketing point of view. We never act on short term basis for development and production of our collections.
We are present on multiple social media platforms, and the number of our followers continues to grow.

TOP Evidence support

With us, the deal does not end with the sale of clothes. With professional photos, excel sheets with all neccessary information about the products. We also to guarantee the best scores at Google motors! We believe that creating a super brand with the community works really well! :)
Must-see Evidence Deals
With special offers, special collections and seasonal offerings, we keep our customer momentum going.
How Do You Become an Evidence Reseller?
We offer a unique opportunity for our franchise and reseller trading partners.
If you would like to participate in our program, you are welcome to apply for the EVIDENCE brand!
Steps to becoming a reseller:
Please contact us by phone first to learn more about what to do next.


Registered Hungarian or foreign company
Existing shop or webshop
What we provide:
Original Disney / Marvel / LOL Children's Premium Clothing, Sports Line (Puma, Umbro, Head, GAS)
We continuously renew our collections
Original Disney / Marvel / LOL Designs - Related to QUALITY
Competitive prices
So don't hesitate, take the opportunity and become our partner TODAY!

Please register here (for wholesale partners only): (it will open a new window, or tab in your browser)

Contact us at the following e-mail address or via phone:
+36 (30) 695 5808
We can answer your call between 9am and 5pm every business day!

You can reach us on our social media accounts as well: 
Facebook: @evidencestore
Instagram: @evidencewebstore

We look forward to see you as our business partner! 
Evidence. Always with you.